Ektar has extremely good prices from some sellers in the UK, like silverprint in 120 last I checked.

I also just bought some Ektacolor 160 in 120 off ebay for ~$2.25 AUD per roll including delivery.

That might sell due to its low price, I also love Shanghai and ERA films, but theyre cheap and quick enough on shipping from ebay anyway.

I'd like a healthy 120 range, some of the ADOX and Efke range (like AURA IR) would be nice, and Rollei 80s.

Since when has Kodak stopped selling C-41? There is still relabelled Agfa stuff too.

And chems are VERY good prices from Vanbar, Fuji and Kodak chems are great prices, so is Agfa or mix your own bleach, Kodak E-6 fix for fixer, and mix your own stab or Kodak stabiliser.