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Wouldn't it be easier to get the 5l kit and mix quantities of 625ml each time? As long as you seal the concentrate it should last for a while, plus the 5l kit is substantially cheaper per roll than the 1l kit. I do this with the E6 kit at the moment and it seems to work well.
This would be another solution. I'm going to buy 5l kits next, I'm just learning and trying out color dev. The 1l kit I'm using right now, is my first C-41 kit ever! I still have another 1l kit of C-41 and also one E-6 to be used. Then I'll be buying either 5l kit of Tetenal, Fuji or Kodak.


Another news: I developed a Fuji Reala 100 (in medium format) with the same Tetenal liquids. The roll had to be pushed to ISO160-200 because I accidentally started shooting the roll with wrong ISO set on my Mamiya's meter. The roll was #12 with the same liquids. The dev time was 4:15 (3:45 + additional 30s for pushing) just like instructed in Tetenal manual.

The results are pretty good: the frames I shot at ISO 160 are a bit over exposed, the frames I shot at ISO 200 are better. I'm still daring myself to dev at least one another film with the same liquids although it's obvious that the colors are starting to look a bit washed out. That said, I never have had a proper saturated results with Fuji Reala 100 and Tetenal combo even when the chemicals were fresh.

Metered at ISO160: