Yesterday and today I've got back to making lith prints for the first time in many months; thankfully my sealed 500ml pack of Fotospeed LD20 (dated Nov 2010) worked without issue. However, as I intend to make 12x16" and 16x20" lith prints, that 500ml pack will not last long. As far as I can see the current options in commercially prepared lith developers are:

- Fotospeed LD20 (standard A and B concentrate type kit, also available in 5lt A and 5 lt B packaging)

- Rollei Vintage Creative Lith (also an A+B kit but 10 GBP more expensive than the Fotospeed product.

- Moersch Easylith

- Moersch SE5 master kit

As far as kit comparisons go, I understand the SE5 product uses the standard A + B format but then one adjusts the developer function via the use of additives C, D (included), E and F (extra), either used solo with the developer or in conjunction with "Old Brown".

Has anyone here made comparisons or have experience with the above kits?