rugift's prices seem quite high... I have the voigtlander 40 slII lens. I wouldn't call it wide, but more normal. It's a superb lens in terms of construction and image quality. I bought it from B&H or amazon/adorama. I bought it instead of a nikon pancake lens because I wanted the extra stop of light. The lens is also chipped so the right focal length shows up in my dslr files when it's used with that.

I also have the 1000/8 mirror lens and paid far less than half of what they asked at rugift 4-5 years ago. It's not worth a lot. It has to be used with a teleconverter because the barrel hits the prism of most cameras. I use it occasionally for checking microwave paths for line-of-sight as sort of a telescope that lets me take photos. You need a tripod and dark cloth to use it, and it's not something most people would have a use for. A decent 300/2.8 can do almost as much detail as the mirror lens + teleconverter, despite less magnification, due to differences in optical quality.