Good morning, J-Dogg;

I really hope this does not mean that you are already losing your interest in the Nikkormat FT. She will be crushed.

The Minolta 600Si with the Tokina zoom lens is not a bad deal for the quoted price of only $40. In the "third party lens manufacturer" category, Tokina really is pretty good. The company was started by a small group of optical engineers who left Nikon. They have been right in there with Kino Precision and Komine. Together these guys made some pretty good lenses that were sold under the Vivitar name including some Series 1 models. My personal preference is for the Minolta Maxxum 600Si. I agree that the QTi is not the best choice among those offered to you. Again, if this camera is in at all reasonable condition, you will not be unhappy with your $40 purchase. It will be worth having the camera sent in for a CLA for that price. Yes, the CLA probably will be more expensive than the camera. Look at

There is also a Minolta Maxxum 300Si around here somewhere, but it is not used very often. If I want to do something with a Minolta AF lens, I will get out the Maxxum 9.