Welcome to the club! In Re Black long as you want them to be.

The chemical companies that sell chems for all purposes will usually have you fill out paperwork to identify yourself as a photographer (US). My understanding is other countries have similar laws/guidance. Very good recommendation is before you start buying chems, READ the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on the chems you are bringing into your workshop/house. Within collodion there are chems that IF handled poorly are known carcinogens, things that can go BOOM, PFFT, Poof, or death. Granted driving to work can be just as dangerous depending on where you live. Also, follow the recommendations for a workshop, forums and/or local resources (like a photographer doing this type of work). A workshop helps to clear up the mystique surrounding this art and shows steps visually which you should have read through the forums available. It is an incredible process and I love it but it is similar to motorcycle riding, dont lose focus. Collodion is very similar to any other art, like woodworking. IF you follow the appropriate safety procedures you will be more than fine, like never waving your hands over a running table saw or in collodion mislabeling KCN and inadvertently mixing it w/ an acid. Both result in a bad day.

Read the MSDS, join the forums, take a workshop, HAVE FUN!