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That is not a solution.

I switch backs to go from black & white to color and back to black & white. Or I will move a back from my 503 to my 509 SWC so that all the photographs are on afew rolls of film rather than mixed with other shoots over many rolls. Before I kept the dark slides on the back of the magazine, the dark slides would disappear in the camera bag no matter how disciplined I was about putting them in the same place.

Not a solution for some. It will work for others.

I always toss the slide in the bag (where the things i will be holding in my hands all come from), and never lost a slide.

(That last bit is a lie. I did lose a slide: my spare one. Haven't needed it for so long that i forgot where i put it. So when i remembered i had one, i had to turn my bags inside out to see where it was hiding.)

Where do you keep your lens caps? And how often do you lose those?