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Purchasing a Nikon body and then using after market lenses makes no sense at all. The photographs the Nikon takes are no better then the lens used. Nikkor lenses except for the DX amature lenses are built for good optical quality as well as mechanical quality. Purchase a good Nikkor lens.-Dick
Have you actually used any of the lenses mentioned? It may come as a surprise to some that there are some very, very good third party lenses out there, in some cases exceeding OEM performance. For instance, Kiron (Kino optical) was started by several optical engineers that left Nikon, the previously mentioned 28 f2 Vivitar (or if you can find a Kiron version) is every bit as sharp, just as contrasty, and as resistant to flare as the Nikon lens and has CRC as well. Nikon has had it's share of dogs as well, I can list a dozen or so lenses that just are horrible.