lford UK will survive
Ilford D is closing, but Ilford UK will survive: black-and-white materials from Ilford UK will be available further on - „that‘s for sure“

said Günther Neugebauer (Manager Ilford Imaging GmbH aka Ilford Germany), to whom we talked about recent developments concerning Ilford‘s troubles in the last months.

Actually, there are two buyers interested in Ilford UK; a final decision is expected these days (end of this week). It seems to be sure, though, that Ilford‘s black-and-white materials will be produced and be available further on: „That‘s for sure; that‘s absolutely certain“ said Günther Neugebauer in an interview with photoscala.

Besides, Ilford Switzerland GmbH is for sale as well but this isn‘t any problem at all since we‘re talking about a prospering subsidiary here (ink jet materials and Ilfochrome products).

According to a yesterday‘s press release form Ilford Germany, the Ilford Imaging GmbH (aka Ilford Germany) will exist only until February, 28, 2005. From 1st of March 2005 all Ilford products will be distributed through Bon Image GmbH, a company founded in November 2004 in Hofheim / Taunus (western Frankfurt / Main). Bon Image GmbH is an independent marketing company distributing imaging products, including the whole range from UK based Ilford Ltd. (black-and-white films and papers), and including ink jet products (like Ilfochrome, Ilfocolor, Galerie, Printasia, Studio, Ilfojet, Omnijet, Archiva) from Swiss based Ilford Switzerland GmbH. Managers are Richard Franke (former sales manager Ilford Imaging GmbH) and Günther Neugebauer (former manager Ilford Imaging GmbH).