Ok, at this particular point in time I now have 1,2,3,4,5,6 uhuh 7 cameras loaded and ready to leap into action at the drop of a hat. That is four MF and three 35's sitting with the safeties off and they could possibly put an eye out. That is a LOT of film especially the 120, I need to find a cheap source to feed my addiction. I have no problem shooting expired film and have even gotten good results from film i found in the bottom of my junk drawer. This is a growing problem that has me scrounging every nook and cranny and even the cushions of the sofa for film. I need help and soon or the next step will be rehab.

"Hello, my name is Joel and I have been a film junkie for twenty
years and I have been clean for two days"

They (the cameras) seem to call me in the night saying "feed me, feed me, FEED ME"