When I started my photographic journey eons ago in High School for the year book/paper, film was supplied by the school.
In College it was the same story, free film. When I joined the Military and they found that I was handy with a camera, free film. When I got out and went back to school I worked for several papers and the local RLS, more free film. All that time, since film was free, I would shoot everything and anything. When my wife and I had our first child she insisted I get a real job. Fooey.
Now here I am 20 years later older and wiser, I am much more discriminating about the shots I take. Because of the fact that photography is not my main source of income I spend a lot of time planning out the shoots that I do. Even so, the amount of money that I spend on film would go a long way towards the dreaded "D" word purchase. My wife has blasphemed as much.