I use a bathroom that our children used when they lived here at our home. I set my enlarger (Omega B-22XL) on a card table (card table is easy to set-up & take down!) and have it so as it covers perhaps 1/2 of the toilet seat. The card table is big enough to have the enlarger, paper safe and a couple of other do-dads on it! I can place my developing trays on the seat of the toilet. The bathroom has an outlet at the end opposite of the enlarger. I plug in an extension cord and lay it on the counter top behind the sink, behind the toilet water tank, then I have the timer cord plugged into the extension cord. The timer has an outlet for the enlarger as well as a safe light. When I use the darkroom I take the safe light off of the card table and place on the lid for the water tank for the toilet. The sink cabinet top has enough space that I can have 4 8x10 trays on it. The fourth tray is for water where I transport the exposed prints to the kitchen to be washed. I use only one tray for fixer. I can fit three 11x14 trays on the sink cabinet top. I do enlarge 16x20 and I will enlist the help of T.V. trays for those jobs!

This has worked out well. When our children visit with their families it takes me just a few minutes to put all the darkroom stuff into our bedroom closet.

Our daughter & her family are on holiday visit but when they go back home (L.A.) I will photo & put up here & you can see if might be something for you to consider for your darkroom arrangement.