The biggest problem I had with a temporary setup (bathroom in my parents' house, bathroom/kitchen in my own house when I was single) was not the setup, it was the take-down. Invariably I was tired, it was late, and the urge to leave it or skip clean-up was strong.

Quick wins: have a cart dedicated to transport (or storage if possible). I had an old cabinet with cupboards and drawers that I put on casters. My little Durst F30 35mm enlarger would fit in one of the cupboards, as did the power extension, measures, tray, paper, and tanks, etc. The cabinet lived in an adjacent room.

Allocate storage space as close to the 'site' as possible to keep the time and effort of setup to a minimum.

Put a grid in the bottom of a plastic tub, and use that to drain wet tanks and trays with a lid on to keep dust out. Just make sure to dry it out later.