Good morning, GuitStik (Joel?);

First, I think our other English speaking (although sometimes you wonder if it is the same language) brothers have gone over to using hectares. Then I also recall an American asking an English fellow why they used all those different terms for common things, and the fellow from England did reply; "Well, after all, we did invent the language."

The point of contention between our cameras and the women in our lives seems to be chronic. I have been blessed with a woman in my life who also has an enthusiatic passion for "gardening." This turns out to be a true blessing. She conducted a computer inventory of her little green creatures that live in various and sundry pots, plots, and beds in and around our house. She revealed that she had at that time 1,385 different plants (she can quote the Latin names for all of them also). A most unfortunate tactical error. When the subject of my cameras came up the next time, I inquired how the plant inventory was doing. She has been much more understanding since then. But then, there is also the point about having two (2) people with obsessive-compulsive addictive personalities living in the same house.