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Bill can speak for himself as well

Just let me say I know Bill, he HAS NOT GOT GAS ,well only mildly, although he knows I lust after his Zenit C

If you put yourself around you find/spot these cameras, you sell most you keep a few.

I know. But I only buy, very rarely sell, operable cameras.

Yesterday and today I saw and handled probably the largest collection of Graphic, Graflex and similar large format cameras [Georx Anschutz, Nettel, Plaubel Makina] in private hands. The pull on the wallet is at least on the same magnitude as handling Hasselblad [or Leica] equipment. I have been pondering which equipment I should use to start LF photography. I think that I have solved my first round quantry by arranging to buy a 4x5 Graphic Pacemaker and a 4x5 Graflex Model D.

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