I'm not really sure why I'm posting this thread, but I guess it's more a cry for re-assurance that I'm not a total idiot.

My background: avid amateur / enthusiast, I have been shooting dSLR's for several years, but recently got back into film. I have been slowly amassing a tidy collection of wonderful film cameras (35mm and medium format).

On an online forum (not APUG) this past weekend, I innocently scanned the classifieds and came across a Mamiya 7ii & 80mm lens for a very reasonable price. Instantly couldn't help myself, and thoughts raced through my mind: the Legendary Mamiya lens quality! The massive 6x7 negatives! Oh the possibilities!

GAS attack clouded my better judgment, and a few minutes later I had PayPal'ed a small fortune to a total stranger for a camera I had never seen.

Someone please re-assure me! This wasn't a bad move, was it?