haris, How much is 8x10 film going to cost you in your country? Film and chemicals are reoccuring expenses. Also, keep in mind that for8x10, you'll need film holders---at least 3---and a heavy duty tripod. How good are you at working with your hands? You can buy used 8x10 holders and rework them if neccesary. That will save you some money(get the Eastman Kodaks made by Graflex that unscrew) As far as a tripod goes, perhaps you can find a used one locally. For a camera, do you intend to do studio work or landscapes? If you can get by with a heavy camera, the old metal calumets are cheap and plentyful, but be sure the bellows are light tight. New bellows are budget busters, as are lenses with bad shutters however you might find an otherwise excellent lens in a shutter that is gummed up and only needs a CLA: clean, lube, and adjust. Such a service runs 60-80 US dollars here. I suggest finding a reliable shop locally that can do the work for you---you'll need it sooner if not later. If you intend to take your camera afield, you'll probably be happier with a wooden field camera. A used Kodak D2 or Ansco is about as cheap as they come, offer plenty of moves and are reasonably transportable. A Deardorff or Kodak Masterview will cost more, but are much easier to work with in the field, in my opinion. For a lens, again it depends on what you intend on shooting. If you're shooting black and white, you don't need the newest multicoated lenses( again, my opinion&#33 vintage glass will serve you well, but I would always give the nod to a single coated lens over an uncoated one if possible---the one exception would be the Dagor. A 12 or 14" Commercial Ektar is a good place to start, as well as any of the Dagors, Wollensaks and the older model Rodenstocks and Schneiders. For a sweet deal, you might find a f/9 G-Claron 240mm-270mm--or 305mm enlarging lens for around $100 which you can use as a barrel lens(no shutter) and mount it later in a Copal #1 when you have the money---they usually screw right in, all you'll need is an f/stop scale. Some polaroid MP-4 copy cameras had appropriate Copal and Prontor press shutters that you might be able to get cheaply. This won't work with the WA G-Clarons, though. Good LUck!