This really is a question without a right answer. Fundamentally it depends how idiosyncratic your needs are (therefore how much original thought/coding etc) and how much work you are able and prepared to do yourself.

For me the answer was 400 (c $600 US) to have developed and put up with my chosen webhost. But

I did all the work on images myself. All the designer had to do was load them. I think most people who cared what their photography looks like online would want to do that.

I had no e-commerce aspect at all, though I think a lot of the freeware/shareware that web designers use has this built in so it could be a nil cost extra.

The basic creative concept-backgrounds, colours, was adapted from a previous site not started from scratch. That does get the cost and input levels down because you don't need to have a stage of briefing designers, and having them come up with several (usually) creative interpretations of your brief. If its been hard to settle on a "look" then this is an area where website development costs can run up quite quickly if ( for example) the designer based his estimate on putting up 4 ideas one of which gets chosen, but ends up producing lots more candidates and variants before the client is happy.

In addition to scanning and image prep. there was a significant workload on me during the development phase. You can write the best brief in the world yet are still a myriad things to sort out on the hoof that your designer will want you to approve or decide between alternative treatments.

Finally do make sure that the site is designed so it can be updated by you in terms of adding new images, new portfolios and so on. Otherwise it will be one of the myriad websites conceived as dynamic but which never actually changes and eventually dies of boredom.