The colour layers are also differently laid on colour paper- the red sensitive layer is on top. I don't know how this affects the colour of the picture, in case a positive is made. However, I have put 9X12 cm sheets of RA4 Konica Golden Dragon paper in an old plate camera before, as well as 60mm strips cut from paper long enough to make 5 or 6 exposures for 120 cameras. Processed in RA4, through a Durst RCP-20 processor. The paper negatives looked largely red- perhaps because of the native bias of the paper emulsion to halogen printing light sources?- but the complementaries of the other colours were there. Blue originals recorded as yellow, green foliage as pinkish red, etc.

This is the colour paper "negative", shot through a Rolleicord. The paper was taped on used backing paper and respooled:

The only way I can make positives from the colour paper negative shot with a 9X12 cm plate camera is by scanning it and reversing the colours digitally. It looked all blue: