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how does free sound? minus the cost of the domain, etc. but if you'd like to save money check out indexhibit.org and download their php/css driven sites. customize them and there you go.. your own website
I just used indexhibit and like it, for the cost, but it has a steep learning curve for the novice web designer.... I have a small amount of experience, not really html, but about setting up a domain, etc. I struggled with it and put together a site, partly completed, that is pretty bare bones (williambretzger.com) - with indexhibit you can do a lot of customizing I haven't gotten into... but I have a hard time recommending it to someone without a reasonable base of experience. A lot of fine art, artsy type of photographers and designers do put it to good use.
That said, it is a free download - can't hurt to try. And it gives you control over maintenance of the site.