PhotoTherm ACP-302 print processor. Very compact. Uses 2.4L solutions to quickly process RC prints up-to 30x40cm.

I'd like to trade it for a medium format camera or a 4x5 field camera with holders and a lens. Let me know, what you have. I will cover shipping of the processor in the continental US. For international shipping, PM me for a quote.

Condition of the processor:

Retired from college use. I cleaned it, tuned and tried with water. The water heats up to 35C in about 20 minutes. I ran about a dozen sheets of paper through. Everything seems to work as supposed to. The machine will not win beauty contest, but it seems to work reliably - paper runs smoothly, and solutions circulate.
The only things I notice about it: The rubber foam seal near developer inlet may need to be replaced in the future. The rollers in blix chamber were shaved to round shape. I did not want to clean it again, so I did not use chemistry in the machine. If you concerned, I can do it before shipping and run a few real prints through.