Howdy everyone,

I'm looking to stock up on some tungsten film, because.... well, it's awesome stuff. I'd also like a 55mm or 58mm 85 filter so it can be used in daylight as well.

35mm & 4x5" only please... and I'm particularly interested in 4x5".

I'm looking for ohhh, let's say a brick in total, and it doesn't have to be from one person or of the same brand. Indeed, I'd love to get a hodge podge from all different people, so if you've only got one roll sitting in your freezer, that's ok. And I probably don't need 50 sheets of 4x5"; preferably in the low double digits.

Let me know what you have and what price you'd like. I admit, I'm looking for deals here. I can't afford to spend much, but I'm ok with outdated film if it's been stored well. Trans or neg ok. (yes, they made negative tungsten!)

And for what it's worth, I subscribed to APUG so I could finally buy and sell here!