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Excellent point about Flash for websites.

Apple doesn't support it, seems intent on abandoning it and IIRC Adobe is working on a non-Flash software. Given the increasing prevalence of Apple, that should tell you which way things are trending.
I think apple will support it but not until adobe produce a less processor intensive version. The issue for IPads is the battery consumption and flash will use that up pretty quick at 24 frames per second. The battery in an IPad would get much shortened useable time when playing any video so its not really a flash issue at all, its a battery issue for apple to sort out. But if you want super light and slim that's a problem. But having said that flash has been getting more processor intensive in the last couple of major releases (9 and 10). This likely due to a big increase in the use of actionscript which is like javascript in that it can be very processor and memory intensive if not written well.