I live in a desert. All dust is created somewhere near here and my negatives attract it like a dog to a fire plug! So I have done the normal things: air purifier, humidifier etc and it is still a huge project to keep four glass surfaces and two negative surfaces perfectly clean. A friend of mine owns and runs a local minilab and there is this stuff he puts in the stabalizer called

Banstatic Plus.

It is sort of a photoflow with anti static built in. I tried it and it works great. It almost seems to leave a shiny hard coating on my negs that repel dust. OK - so it has to be bad right?? The ingredients listed are isopropanol, water and a "Cationic Anti-Static agent" So - is this too good to be true? Has anyone heard that it is bad for B&W negs? It seems to get a pass from all the minilab operators but I really don't think they care that much about archivability. I like how it works. Frank