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Using silver chloride contact printing paper will greatly improve the quality of any contact print.

See www.michaelandpaula.com under "Azo" for all details and under "Writings" for my writing on the subject.

One should be able to make 5 excellent contact prints in one hour if one knows what one is doing.

Michael A. Smith
I have taken Micheal's and Paula's workshop, and am now contact printing my 8x10 negatives exclusively on the new Lodima paper using Amidol developer. I would agree with Michael's statement; however, be aware that although the learning curve with Lodima and Amidol is relatively short, to expect to produce perfect prints in one hour might appear to be just a bit too optimistic! Good prints yes, but of course there is room for improvement that only time and "filling up the waste-basket" will provide. If you desire, please feel free to PM me for more information.