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Great depiction of the raw energy and frenzy of the band and crowd! I would imagine you shot a lot more images than we see here. What made you choose the gallery images over others, beyond exposure and other technical considerations?

Back in the 70's I did a lot of rock concert photography and understand the constraints you must have been under. Exposure is always difficult as well as trying to keep the grain down due to push processing. What film did you use and did you push it at all? Seems like you might have used flash for some of the shots.

Great project and I am anxious to see you flesh it out.

Bad Dog (aka Eric)
so primarily I chose most of these for technical issues. As you can tell, my negative scanner isn't exactly top of the line. For some reason it just won't scan my wide angle prime lens without a ton of grain. You can see it pretty clearly in those grainy online shots. In real prints they actually will look pristine (at least thats my experience from ones that I already have prints of). I had some much better shots that I simply couldn't digitally edit properly, and some bad shots that probably would come out great in an actual print. I shoot between 2-4 rolls a show, and this was my top 12 *scans* in the accumulation of about 20 shows.

My plan is to A)finish building darkroom B) make prints and C) scan the actual prints and not the negatives. That should improve the god awful quality seen here on the interweb... i hope!

Whats funny is the guy who taught me (who is amazing at this) taught me to pull the film while shooting, and process accordingly. That's what I do about half the time. It seems to work much better with my zoom lens, and only from particular spots (like on the stage). The film is HP5 plus, 400 iso.

and yes I use my giant flash for everything. you kind of have to, since these venues don't have the sort of stage lighting you'd see at a more reputable concert. A lot of the time I can't really see much through my viewfinder...

But my primary dificulties are A) flying beer getting on my equipment B) Flying people getting on my equipment (not.kidding.) C) vigilante 'bodygaurds' who see I am a female with camera equipment, on the frontline, that must be 'protected' by standing DIRECTLY in front of me and D) Shooting that guy flying across the other side of the venue exactly one half second after shooting the boot an inch away from my lens and getting the exposure right

I think its a great way to learn