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Like the physicality of it. It's always a question of access with these kind of documentations of a musical subculture. To most of the audience here (Eric rose excepted), these seem exotic because we're old farts that don't go to heavy metal concerts. So you can expect a certain fascination there. But that is only a first step. Two questions could further your work:
What is my intended audience? The scene, the populace at large, newspaper readers, the art market?
And in the context of my intended viewership, what do I want to show them? Is it some insider feeling? Or do I want to present the participants as out-of-their-heads freaks?
Essentially, are you within or outside looking in?
well by default i'm shooting from within, I've been part of the punk scene for 11 years. But really I feel like its just something important that many people don't get to see, and it should be documented. I figured where else better to learn then shooting all those crazy things I see all the time...