Organization and systems, plus using the available space to its maximum.
Utilizing all the available space i have everything [ except lens/ paper] at hand and start to go takes less than 10 minutes, including chemicals at temp.
The wall area behind a door [when opened] is where i store all the flat stuff, easels x3, baseboard, contact glass and lightbox. The area above the door is shelved for tanks,trays,jugs, cloths and the safelight is positioned above. The enlarger goes on top of the washing machine [ frontloader] it sits on a 20kg bespoke base that has a slim undershelf for paper. The trays go on another bespoke shelve from one wall to the sink.This shelf also has a much deeper undershelf for neg folders,contact prints, clean cloth,dodgers etc.
Magnetic digital timer clock sticks to another old spicerack shelf, this one stores graduals, air duster[crap] and thermometers, vynyl gloves[crap]
All chemicals and storage containers go on top shelf of laundry cupboard and the enlarger body goes in its own box on top of this.
Any room in any house/apartment has areas of wall space that are usually, ` waste surface', that is these are areas that through the neccesity of design are not used. Above doors, behind doors that open to a wall [there is still enough room for flat items once the door is open] and all that space on the walls 300mm down from the ceiling.
Even though i am quite new at this , realising the importance of systems and utilizing the space i had to its maximum has enabled me to set up a `temp' darkroom space that works well.