I bought a 6x12 Noon Pinhole camera yesterday, the most beautiful piece of crafting I've seen. It should arrive in a week or so. What should I take into account when I start taking my first pinhole photos? The focal length of the camera is 60mm and the aperture is f/207.

I develop my own film and I'm going to use either Ilford FP4+ or Fomapan 100 as a test roll. I have a tripod and a spirit-level to get the camera steady and straight. I know the final image will be a mirror image of the actual scene.

Do I need to take something else than normal aperture + exposure time + film ISO into account? The aperture of the pinhole is f/207 so it's about 9.5 stops from f/8. Do I just extend the exposure times by 9.5 stops (if I meter at f/8) and get good results?