I think the series is great.

I know you mentioned it in your post, but here is something to consider with the prints.

I would try to print these images on a grade 4 or harder paper, not worry too much about the blacks and print the highlights hard and crunchy.
The soft grade of these prints, IMO do not mix well with the content.

Something a bit off the wall.

Have you have considered a in-fared flash and film that will record the wavelength of light blast, I have alway thought that if one could combine the flash with appropiate film, events much like this, or raves or even crazy nightclub series would give you less of a prescence and more like a fly on the wall sequence.
I must say I have never tried this but have spoken to many photographers about attempting a flash system that does not give the particapants a heads up that you are there.

Maybe though the fact you are shooting with flash , intices/ pushes the participants to get more aggressive and vocal which in effect is very compelling with your work.