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I think they are decent-enough pix of subject matter that does not interest me. I am into music, and shooting music has been a huge part of what I have shot, so I think I understand what you are doing, or trying to do, rather, with your pix. I don't personally find these bands or crowds interesting or out of the ordinary. I've seen all these people a million times, and I find most of them boring. However, if I was into this particular scene, the pix would be fun for me. You definitely understand that some of the most important parts of photography are just going for it with gusto, and not being afraid to fire the shutter and get yourself where you want to be to take the pix. They could definitely be focused better, and I think it would help your concept if they were. You misspelled "destroy" - obviously on purpose - and I am not sure why. Seems like a gimmick without an explanation. I think it is very good for shooting four months, and you should keep practicing film photography. It is working well for your subject matter in a way that digital would not.
oi is a style of music