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Gut reaction, it makes me realize how much I failed to take advantage of the bay area when I was down there. It definitely comes across as you being part of the scene, not an outsider. Most of the shots are really great.

One shot, while I loved the image, felt rough technically. The shot of two people with the mic - the third shot on the first row - looked a bit off. The lack of detail in his hair jumped out at me. I'm reluctant to say that to be honest given how hard it must have been to shoot there and how much I like everything else about the picture. I don't know if you can coax any more detail out of that shot, but if you could, I think that one would be a little stronger. Again, thats minor feedback on very nice set of images.
You're absolutely right... but the funny thing is that the actual negative has tons of tight detail, its just the scanner and the digital editing that are sucking all the quality out of the shots. when I scan at high enough dpi to catch the detail, i get all this digital noise from the scanner. Then trying to remove that makes the whole image a little blurry. I figured it looked better soft and clear then hard detailed and noisy. But the bottom line is - I need to print these and scan the prints, not the negatives. I feel like if these were printed the quality would really be there. So that's the next step I guess!