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Thanks for taking the time to explain your methodology. One thing that I found useful is to concentrate on one type of activity per show. At one show I would only shoot crazy crowd people, the next body surfers, the next lead singer etc etc, you get the idea. That way you aren't so scattered and can detach yourself from the frenzy. It's also easier to self critique your successes/failures at any one portion of the "event" and develop strategies/techniques to improve your imagery. You might find that you need a totally different setup depending on what part of the "event" you want to capture.

YMMV as they say.
thats a pretty good idea. I used to move around a lot more, but you just made me realize that lately I've been planting myself in one (percievably the best) spot for the whole show. But come to think of it most of my best shots have come from spots that were a little messy.