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Don't forget that 16 x 20 trays require almost four times as much chemistry as 8 x 10 trays. Even if you do buy 16 x 20 trays, there will be many times you will appreciate having the 8 x 10 trays as well.
I know i need more chemicals for bigger trays, doesn't matter, in all cases as long i will print something larger, i think i will go with 16x20, 8x10 is so small as prints for me, even with digital printing i don't go with 8x10, i print minimum A3, and few times i print at 8x10 or smaller, it will be the same if i will print in darkroom, i always love larger sizes than small, and i think i may get smaller trays for 8x10, in all cases i know myself that i always go with many options than one, when i printed some of my negs during the workshop on 8x10 i was not so much impressed about it, but when i printed larger then i got impressed, so for me 8x10 will be just test prints but not actual serious prints, but if you telling me that because it is too much to go larger than 8x10 then i can understand your points.