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I was hoping for something that takes modern film. My dream camera is Mamiya 7, and I would be willing to add some money in the trade. Or maybe one of Fuji rangefinders.


this is a two bath processor. Actually, you can't separate bleach and fix in a roller machine because
in these machines paper moves at constant speed and all processes must run in the same time. When you separate
bleach and fix, the bleach time needs to be increased relative to development. It's just not going to work.
I'm curious, why do you want to separate blix in RA-4? The process is tuned for blix, so theoretically, you should not
get much better results by separating chemicals. Can you elaborate a bit more why you want to do this?
We use a separate bleach and fixer in the Kreonite roller transport processer that I usually use when I print color. Maybe it is not "necessary," but surely it is "better" for the same reasons it is with film.