Dear angrykitty;
The Weegee style, direct frontal flash, is a wonderful way to convey immediacy. When I was hired by the Rockefeller campaign, to photograph the Republican convention in San Francisco, it was very much like a wild melee but the lighting was better. I used the reportage style, but to increase the feeling of motion, I combined flash with a very slow shutter speed on one roll and there was enough ambient light to add blur to some of the images. After I was thrown out and my film confiscated, I was sure I'd never see any of those images again but two years later I received an envelop from Arizona and it contained two poorly printed 8x10's from the last roll I shot before the incident and the technique was very successful. I think we know who had my film confiscated and he was a photographer too. God! I wish I had that film now. This might be a useful technique for you to try. I wish I had your energy and the opportunity to start this journey over again. What fun awaits you. You've made a good start. Keep it up and best wishes.
Denise Libby