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With regard to the SRT series: too bad these beautiful cameras take mercury batteries. I know that it is possible to convert them to common 1.5-v types, but I just do not want to deal with the hassle of finding someone I trust to do this, and the time and cost involved in the process. I am so glad the XE-7 takes non-banned cells.
SRT series cameras (and others using the now-unavailable mercury batteries,) can also use Wein cells, which around here anyway are pretty easily available at camera shops (those few left,) and battery stores. As previously noted, there are also adapters which allow use of common alkaline batteries. And even if you find yourself temporarily without a battery, the camera still works fine: the battery just powers the light meter.

The problem is that the SRT series cameras are still fantastic picture taking machines. Once you start using them, these little battery annoyances just sort of fade into the background.