if you decide to pursue the sheet shooting, it is very easy to cut film... assuming you have a dark room. I just used a regular chopper type paper cutter and taped it so I could feel it in the dark. Take a 4x5 sheet of film and cut a half inch off the 4 side so you are left with 3.5X5 and then cut that in half so you have two 2.5x3.5 sheets and that fits the holder. The image will be exposed in a square at one end of the film so you can figure out how to only handle the part that doesn't get exposed in camera. I have a rule of always working emulsion side up and putting the cut sheets in the box emulsion side up so that way I always know which side has the emulsion.. after cutting off the code notch.
For tray processing the little sheets I found the perfect little trays by buying some covered glass butter dishes. The cover turned over makes a great tray for little sheets.
It would be great if you could cut down sheets from roll film but unfortunately it is too curly. You can cut down from 5x7 film without waste... 4 sheets 2.5x3.5