I'd like to echo the sentiment that you should start with the basics. There is a foundation of knowlege that all the things you have listed build upon. When I show my kids photography, I start them with D76, the developer all others are compared to - for a reason. Use it for your first 20 or 30 rolls/tanks full. Start off with RC paper. It is cheap, fast and dries nicely. Use Dektol or some similar brew. You will enjoy success. Then once you have established a baseline of good workable practices, try new things one at a time. I would think that starting with Pyro, split bath or contrast paper developing with partial selenium toning then drag bleaching will leave you no where. You would not know which part of the process failed. Even though I am an avid fan of all of the above. I use quite a bit of D76 and D23 - Common Metol based developers. I also use quite a bit of cheap ordinary RC paper. I use PMK when I know the negative calls for it (which is not every time.) I use fine fiber papers when the images are worthy (I have a kilobuck invested in driers and presses to flatten them and it is time consuming) Very often I use ordinary materials and enjoy excellent results. These materials are bulletproof, cheap and the skills you learn with them will take you on to the more exotics - not usually the other way around. Just my $.02 - Frank