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Thanks for showing these. There's a lot of grain, to my eye. I wonder if that's from the scanner or is that a characteristic of the film? I'm asking because I think sometimes a grainy film would be nice for effect.


p.s. - your river shot makes me think of Eudora Welty's "The Wide Net"
I've been shooting some Kentmere 400 myself, and it is indeed a grainy 400 speed film ... I have mixed feelings about this myself, as the grain is very different from Tri-X grain, which I'm more used to. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes it just seems I'm staring at grain .... Which usually I love, and I can't really explain why it bothers me sometimes with Kentmere .. just a new film I have to either get used to or move on.

BTW, I've printed all mine and you can indeed get a lot more out of the highlights in the darkroom ... one thing I love about this film is the printing range ... in fact, when I first started with the negs, to my eye they looked quite dense so I grabbed for a #1 filter but can end up going to 2 or 2.5 for really rich scale and details shadows and texture in highlights. So its nice to work with. Diffusion head btw.

I bought a 100' bulk roll on a whim, so I have more left to play with. I've been developing it in Sprint 1+9 but am heading into Rodinal land with it next.