I offer a choice for MF. Ifyou like 6x6, then I have a DuaflexII ihat is a very light weight, fairly compact TLR with decent optics(f8/72mm Kodar). However, if 6x9 floats yer boat, step right up to my Kodak Tourist II. Its a folder, but accurate shutter and clean optics (f6.3/105mm Kodak Anaston)insures super sharp negatives (8 on a roll of 120), and only slightly heavier than the Duaflex. Either camera would be more than adequate for entry level through advanced levels of photography.
It seems that these last couple of posts have a common thread. I believe we are all telling you that you dont need to have a super hi-tech camera to take great photos, its all about you, and what you decide to show the rest of us(your vision). There are no magic bullets, only good basic sound skills.