Welcome Back Wade,

My membership expired, and I was a bit of a SlackAss about paying
to use the site, but I renewed.
Then, last week a member posted a free timer, so I thought I would just pay for the shipping charge. But, Alas the member was more than happy to send it, absolutely free of cost to someone that needed it.
That made me realize the value of a paid membership. This week I noticed a member was looking for some 4X5 Ektachrome Tungsten, I had some in the
freezer unused in the past three years.
So I sent a PM that I had it available, I almost asked for payment on shipping.
But, realized the least I could do is send out a few sheets of film to someone
that pays to support APUG.
Just A Wee Bit O' Karma At Work. But every little bit helps to make APUG,
A Better Place !

Enjoy The Weekend


From The Long Island Of New York