two thumbs up for raymond fung a.k.a. winball. he does my nikons, well above expectations, a class of his own. he turned down my non-nikon request though
That may be why he hasn't returned the email yet - or he's away.

Nortown said they may be able to help me. They got the service contract when Kyocera quit making Contax and that part of the company shut down in Canada. They want to see it first (ofcourse) as they say parts are getting hard to come by. It's a very minor repair. The film roller/guide fell out of the film chamber. Not one on the back but on the camera. I have most of the part- a small piece is possibly still inside camera. I took out the batteries to avoid the possibility of a short.
I do wish the Contax was still around. I got great and fast service from the Canadian service center in Mississauga and I love the cameras.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I suspect alot of APUG members will be in the same boat. They're not making many new film cameras these days and service personnel and parts will not be as abundant as they once were - even from donor bodies.