After a few days working nine to five on this, I guess you can call it a working darkroom. Mostly, I painted one of the three rooms and its door and cleaned up the entire mess.
This is the darkroom of the school I graduated from and which I will return to to give lessons on enlarging/developping and points of interest starting september.
I didn't think it was in this bad a shape though. I don't have a picture prior to the refurbishing, but it was coated with loads of dead insects, spider webs, rust and soot.
I'm still not done, I want to paint the entire darkroom, build a chair and table for the orange-colored room as well as a bench for the garden right out the window... the images link to bigger images by the way

here's the new door (with self-made sign, translates to 'darkroom'):

a peak at the dry side and a detail of a remnant of the room's first purpose:

the wet side (with painting stuff):

and finally, the newly painted room, to be used as a place for relaxation and as a small gallery:

There's still quite a bit of work to be done, but at least you can let people in again...
I'm also open to suggestions, if anyone has ideas for improvement.