I don't know about censorship, but there are things like empathy and common decency. Empathy is a concept that is long forgotten and rarely practiced. These comments about the price did not help Colin in any way shape or form, instead it hampered his efforts. What could anybody here possibly gain from that? It's absolutely useless behavior that serves no purpose other than exercising the right to speak up. But what about responsibility? Responsibility to your fellow humans and photographers?

Ponder the following: Perhaps the seller is really desperate for cash. Perhaps he needs to have dental surgery or take care of an emergency. He really needs to sell his camera. Why do you want to argue with the price? What's the god damned point? How does it help?

It has nothing to do with censorship; it has to do with being a decent human being and treating others with respect and empathy. It saddens me to no limit that people just have to speak their minds, regardless of the consequences.