Will Trade :
A Pantech Cell Phone w/ 1 Year Of Service, For Large Format Loot.

This would be a great deal for someone that needs a moderate amount
of usage, Not A PhoneHog ! Phone has a 631 Area Code, Long Island NY.

On My WishList :

Functional Lens & Shutter for 4X5, Toyo/Omega lensboard not required.
I have a 210mm, 180mm. So A 150mm Or Wider Would Be Great !

Fuji Instant Film Back ( PA-45 ) Or Polaroid that will accept Fuji Film

A Sweet Ball Head, Tripod Combo

An Epson V700 Scanner w/ Transparency Adapter

Or Random 4X5 Gear, That Aint Been Gettin' No Lovin', Lately

Best Offer Gets To Trade ! PhoneWhores, Need Not Apply, Sorry ...

Ron From The Long "631" Island Of New York