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Dear all

I came across a rather nice looking FG and couldn´t resist. Now it´s here and I have a problem :
The first thing I did, was checking the exposure meter and focussing against my trusty F2s´. The
exposure meter seems to work alright but the focussing is constantly short i.e. F2 1.2meter - FG 0.8m
F2 4m - FG 3.5m, and so on up to infinity. Focussing is short on all lenses. My question now is :
How big is the chance that pictures will be out of focus when something like that happens ?
Is it worth a few test shots or shell I return the camera (which I can) and not bother further ?

Are you just reading the distance off the lens barrel? Try a roll and see what the negs look like. There's not much (other than serious, obvious damage) that could change the lens-to-film distance, or the lens to focusing screen distance, for that matter. If the mirror is not returning completely, that might be a problem. Take off the lens and carefully lift the front edge of the mirror up just a bit. It should return to the stop with a definite click when you release it. Be careful not to touch the mirror surface. If it seems at all stiff or reluctant to return to the "down" position, that could be your problem. I'd still try a roll.