Hello all..

I happened across this forum a few weeks ago and have learned a great deal from all of you people. I have recently inherited a substantial amount of older camera equipment that I am unsure what to do with. I was hoping that some of you could give me a (very) rough idea of what it might be worth (if anything).

I used to be very interested in manual amateur photography in college however, as with many things, time and work took over and there is just no time. Now since it appears that most everything has gone digital my old camera sits idly in my closet. Add to that the recent addition of my father-in-law's equipment I now have too much to handle.

My father in law was in the US Navy and was stationed in Japan for a good part of the late 60's and early 70's. If I remember correctly he purchased his camera and all of the accessories while in Japan (a couple of things still have price tags marked in Yen).

Here is what he left to us:

- Canon FT Camera Body
- Canon 28mm 1:3.5 FL Lens
- Canon 50mm 1:1.4 FL Lens
- Canon 50mm Macro 1:3.5 Lens
- Canon 135mm 1:2.5 FL Lens
- Canon Life Size Adaptor for 50mm Macro Camera Lens
- Vivitar 283 Flash
- Sun Auto Tele-Up 2x Model CA Teleconverter
- Canon Right-Angle Finder A
- Canon T-60-2 Lens Hood
- Canon S-60 Lens Hood
- Canon W-50-B Lens Hood
- Kenko Filters (all 58mm):
Mirage Multivision
SY44-2 Y1
SR60-2 R1
SY50-2 Y3
SO56-2 YA3
Softon (2 of these)
- Hoya PL Filter
Also, the following accessories:
- Canon Bellows FL
- Slide Duplicator + Slide Duplicator attachment
- Macro Photo Coupler FL 58mm
- Extension Tube M Set (M5, M10, M20, M20)

For what it's worth, everything functions as it should. I have taken some photos with the camera and lenses and all was well with them (despite my rusty picture-taking abilities). The camera body shows some cosmetic signs of use however most of the filters and other accessories look to have never been used, or merely taken out of the box. The lenses have all covers intact and are scratch-free. Is this set of stuff worth anything to anyone or is it more relics of a bygone era?

Here is a list of my personal camera stuff (not nearly as impressive)
- Nikon Nikkormat FTn Camera Body
- Nikon Nikkor-H 28mm 1:3.5 Lens
- Nikon Nikkor-H 50mm 1:2 Lens
- Vivitar DL 75mm - 205mm 1:3.8-4.8 MC Macro Focusing Zoom Lens

Same deal here - worth anything more than a doorstop?

Thanks for any advice you can offer on this stuff - I am truly lost.