Frank as usual the MSDS does not tell you much about propietary components. This is typical of the manufacturers who are by law required to put out an MSDS but find ways to be as uninformative as they can. The way to go about it is to call the company and tell them you want the chemical name for disposal purposes.
I used to work for a haz waste disposal company and was in charge of listing the components for disposal. They will give some run around and try to brow beat you into accepting their descrption. All you have to tell them is you will refer them to the EPA for refusing to help you dispose of the material porperly and you will be suprised how fastthey tell you the name.

Also tell them you dont want the concetration, that your intention is not to duplicate the formula but to complay with local environmental laws.

A cationic antistatic agent could be anything, for all we kow is soften