I have a Pentax screw mount with a Super-Takumar 55 f2. I was out trying out the camera ( it was a gimme from my brother-in-law), and I made it through the first 15 or so exposures, and then the shutter jammed. Took everything home, and removed the film and developed it.

I think the camera is a wash. But I would like to salvage the lens.; I have a K1000 and I can get an adapter for the lens. Trouble is, I can unscrew the lens only so far, and then it butts up against something and won't come off. I have tried to get the shutter to complete its interrupted trip, but it sits there in space and I can't get it to let go so I can remove the lens. Does anyone have any suggestions, or is this a job for my local camera shop?

Thanks to all who reply.

With best regards.